"Our photography is about portraying the essence of individuals visions, who they are and their beautiful voices in realizing their dreams so they can share their services with the world, helping others to fulfill their dreams as well."


Rafael grew up in Cartagena, Colombia where he remembers taking his first roll at 14.  It's a passion that has been growing until he made the leap from being an oral surgeon in NYC to becoming a professional photographer in Miami over 25 years ago.  He has a very gifted eye along with a charisma that makes people feel comfortable and come to life in front of his lens! 



Shelley started her professional modeling career at the age of 23 and spent over 20 years of her life traveling around the world through her passion.  After years in front of the camera she has learned to cultivate her editorial eye, as well as photoshop skills.  Travel, experience and a love of the perfect shot inform her brand.

Shelley met Rafa in 2002 during her prime in Miami.  They became inseparable friends and he, her photographer of choice.  She fell in love with his eye and he taught her how to use a camera, she caught on very quickly.  

Little by little Shelley would go out on creative assignments as Rafa's assistant and come back with some of the choice shots for the magazine publication.  Years later it was a natural progression that they paired up as the photography team they are today.  They adore photographing as a team and bring a completely different dynamic to the project, a female and male gaze that gives multiple dimensions and depth to any project.